Be The Change Utah

Too often people look to government to solve every problem we face in society. Americans for Prosperity-Utah’s #BeTheChangeUtah campaign highlights social entrepreneurs who have identified challenges in our communities and have taken action to solve them.

#BeTheChangeUtah is about love, compassion, human connection and dignity. We hope that by sharing the stories of the work these inspiring individuals are doing, others including you, will be inspired to help tackle some of our toughest challenges. The message of #BeTheChangeUtah is clear: no person and no action is too small to make a positive difference in our communities. Every person can #BeTheChangeUtah and help others rise and seize the opportunity to achieve their potential.

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Project Empathy

Chase and his dad came up with a simple but powerful idea to help homeless persons in their community: talk to them. Their idea sparked a movement that became Project Empathy. The project has led to over 130 judgement free conversations with homeless persons in Salt Lake County where they feel heard, respected, and able to communicate their specific needs and challenges.

Chase hopes to grow Project Empathy and end homelessness in Salt Lake County and our country. Chase’s bold action to address one of our nation’s toughest challenges shows that each of us have the power to take steps both big and small to be a force for good in our communities.

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