Education Freedom Means a Brighter Future for Western Slope Students

Every child is different, and every child deserves to learn in an environment that meets their unique learning styles, skills and challenges.

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When we put our kids first, everyone wins.

When families are empowered to choose the best education for their child, everyone wins. Studies overwhelmingly show that education freedom improves outcomes for students, including those attending traditional public schools.

Western Slope families have a variety of education options available to them.

Charter schools are public schools founded and run by parents, teachers or community members that offer their own curriculum that differs from traditional public schools.

Open enrollment allows students to attend a public school other than their assigned neighborhood school if space allows.

Option schools are public schools that have a specific focus, such as arts or STEM, for students that have particular skills or interests.

Online learning allows students to attend tuition-free public schools at home. Many local school districts offer online education, as well as district and charter online schools that provide online learning anywhere in the state.

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