Second Chances Change Lives

Celebrating Second Chance Month

April 1-30, 2019

One year ago, Alice Johnson was sitting in a federal prison in Alabama as a non-violent offender, serving year 21 of a life sentence. She was granted clemency in 2018 and is now using her second chance to spread one simple message:

Second Chances Change Lives

  • After paying their debt to society, deserving individuals should be given a second chance.
  • Successful re-entry into society can reduce recidivism, decrease crime rates and improve safety.
  • Mental health support, mentoring, rehabilitation, and education and vocational training can equip formerly incarcerated individuals with the tools they need to re-enter society successfully.
  • Second chances enable people to turn their lives around and break the vicious cycle of hopelessness and despair for themselves and the next generation.

During Second Chance Month, we’re celebrating the inspiring stories of Alice Johnson and others who are dedicating their life after incarceration to help improve their communities.

Second chances are so important to bring people back home to their families. – Alice Johnson

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