True North

Policies for a Path to Prosperity

The path to prosperity may be a hard one to travel, but we have a North Star as our guide – our state must break down barriers and promote freedom for all Alaskans.

These are the principles that should guide decision making and put us on the path to economic strength and fiscal stability.

Alaska has already made great strides to chart the course to a more prosperous state. These reforms point us toward our true north – a free and growing Alaska.

Spending Restraints

Alaska’s government spends more per person than any other state. Our lawmakers have burned through billions in savings and grown the state’s deficit to more than a billion dollars.

But things are getting better.

In 2019, Alaska cut its state operating budget by $444 million to push the government toward a balanced budget without having to raise taxes or dip further in savings.

These spending reforms protect Alaskans from higher taxes and put us on a path to fiscal responsibility.

Worker Freedom

Alaskans must be free to work and enter their chosen professions. Policies that allow for that freedom are the keys to a strong and prosperous economy.

The landmark Supreme Court ruling in Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees affirmed the rights of government workers to choose whether to pay fees to a union.

This decision protects the First Amendment rights of employees who do not want to subsidize union speech. The ability to opt out of union membership and fees empowers workers to speak their minds and make decisions that are best for their families.

Alaska’s workers must also be free to work without unnecessary government barriers. Too often, government occupational licensing requirements serve no public good yet keep workers out of their chosen professions.

Across the country, states are starting to realize they can open new opportunities for workers and alleviate poverty by eliminating these burdensome licensing requirements and fees. Alaska’s workforce can grow and thrive with fewer barriers holding us back.